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Questions to ask your wedding photographer.

There must be a million of these “top # of questions to ask your wedding photographer” lists going around the internet right now. But my list has a bit more of the bride and groom’s day in mind. These are some questions you should ask outside of the traditional “what’s your photography style” question that I see on almost every list.

I think you should ask questions to make sure your personality will gel with your photographer on your big day. After all, your photographer will be with you even during some intimate and emotional moments. You’re going to want to feel comfortable with them.

Here’s a short yet more personal list of questions you should think about asking before you book your wedding photographer.

1.) When shooting throughout the day, are you more likely to take candid shots, or will you pose the moment?

There are so many times when I was the second shooter, or even when I have been a bridesmaid during a wedding where a genuine moment was interrupted and the photographer stepped in to make them say “cheese”

If you are looking for a photographer that will stay more behind the scenes than that, you may want to know ahead of time how they will handle these situations. Or, you may be on the opposite side of that and have very camera shy friends and family, and need that super outgoing photographer to step in and help give direction and guidance throughout the day.

2.)Are you able to handle large crowds, or take control of groups of people?

If you have a very large family and are in need of several different groupings of family formal photos, you are going to need a photographer who has no problem speaking up and getting those photos taken care of in a timely fashion. Or at least a photographer who is organized enough to put someone in the family in charge of rotating through groups.

Also, if you have a wedding party that likes to drink, by the time formal photos come around, it may be somewhat like herding cats. Can your photographer handle a bunch of drunk adults without creating tension or being too pushy?

3.)Will the digital files you provide me with be high resolution?

I was approached with this question by an out of town bride a few years ago because they had just had their engagements done and got a hefty surprise at the end. They were sold on the idea of getting all of their digital files and not having to purchase anything extra or having to buy prints of their photos. But when they received their files, they were all super low resolution fitted for online imaging only, an in order to get anything bigger, they had to purchase a “digital package”.  Be sure that if you go with a photographer who offers digital delivery, that you wont have any unexpected surprises at the end.

4.) Will you notify me before you leave our wedding?

This seems like a silly question, but I’ve had friends who said that during their wedding, they looked up and their photographers were gone. When their time was up, it was up and they bounced out. Personally, I always check in with the bride and groom before I leave. You may want to hire me for an additional hour, or want to make sure you get a nice photo with some guests before I leave.

5.) Social Media…are there any restrictions on sharing images?

Now that social media has taken over as the way to share our lives with each other, it’s only natural that we share our weddings with everyone this way too. You’re going to want to discuss social media policies with your photographer and what they do and do not ask of you. Most photographers you will find will ask that you tag them when sharing images on facebook, or instagram, or twitter. And those filters that everyone loves to put on images? just know that it’s considered rude to add a filter to a professional image. How would you feel if you created a piece of work or art, and someone colored over it, changing its look completely, and then shared it with the world? Your photographer spends a lot of time not only taking the image, but editing it and putting their style ( that you hired them for ) into it. Some photographers may even have cropping rules.

Best to just discuss this with your photographer before assuming anything.

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