Kelly and Dotan – Gershon Bachus Vineyard Wedding Temecula

Vineyard Wedding in Temecula California

Theres nothing that brings me more joy  than when a beautiful couple chooses a beautiful venue for their wedding day. Gershon Bachus Vintners in Temecula, California is definitely one of my top favorite venues. A vineyard wedding is classy and tasteful. The venue is beautiful inside and out and gives the most romantic feel no matter where you are on their property.

I already fell in love with Kelly and Dotan’s love story during our engagement session. Showing up to this place for their wedding day was nothing short of magical. Although when I showed up on their wedding day, it was pouring rain during a very random July thunderstorm. It quickly cleared up just in time, as most southern California rains don’t last long. I had to remind Kelly of this fact, and she was so relieved when my reassurance proved to be sound. The wedding went off without a hitch and it was overwhelmingly heartfelt and love filled till the very end.

Their ceremony was beautiful in every moment. Her father met her at the bottom of the stairs, and kissed her on the cheek. As he walked her down the isle, she smiled the biggest smile at all of her guests and welcomed everyone. Later during the day, I learned that Kelly is one of those people who make you feel important every time she is with you, and you could see that as she walked down the isle. She was so warm and inviting even during her “moment”. Dotan met her father at the end of the isle and greeted him with a big hug. A friend of theirs performed the ceremony and told wonderful stories of the couple. Each of their mothers read something for them, laughs were shared, and there were several kisses.

As the night progressed, there were non stop heartfelt moments, great speeches, and crazy dance moves. Kelly and Dotan’s night concluded with an amazing DJ lead party and a sparkler send off. What a wedding!

gershon bachus wedding

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Gershon Bachus Vineyard Temecula California

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temecula vineyard wedding

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