Steve and Vanessa Coronado Beach Engagement

The Hotel Del On Coronado Island is one of my absolute favorite beaches in San Diego. So when Steve and Vanessa decided on this location for their engagement session, I was more than happy to oblige. The scenery here is gorgeous, the sand is softer here than anywhere in southern California, and the sunsets here are out of this world.

They met a few years ago when Steve was working as a night club promoter in the San Diego area. As a night club promoter, you see your fair share of beautiful people, all dolled up and ready to go. Its no secret that Vanessa is drop dead gorgeous and has a smile that could light up the darkest of rooms. But it was her personality and sweet nature that caught the attention of Steve. They started dating right away and enjoyed years of traveling all over the world together. It became a bit of a teasing point as to when Steve was going to propose. So when it finally happened, you better believe he did it in style and with an engagement session like this, the wedding is going to be off the charts!

Hotel Del Coronado Engagement
Coronado Beach Engagement

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