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Brian & Tiffany. Ranchos Los Alamitos Engagements

They met in college at Cal State Long Beach. Brian was instantly smitten with Tiffany and had to pull some moves with classmates to get her to be his lab partner. They fell in love with each other very quickly, but took their time to date one another. Brian and Tiffany share their love of the beach and traveling. Being very business minded, they opted to buy a house during the down economy instead of a wedding, knowing that it would come and they were building a life together already. 

Brian and Tiffany opted to shoot their engagements at Rancho Los Alamitos, which is just covered with beautiful scenery to take pictures. There is a calmness to their relationship and a pure joy that comes across with ease when you're around them. I wish them both an amazing life together.

Rancho Los Alamitos Engagement Photos