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Caroline & Hugo. High School Sweethearts.

I guess sometimes when you know, you just know.... Caroline and Hugo have been together since 8th grade. They made it through high school, through college, and into adulthood still madly in love with each other. There's no doubt they will be a cute old couple holding hands in the park together... Either that, or they will rock out those funny t-shirts that say "if lost return to Caroline" and "I'm Caroline"- you know the ones I'm talking about right?! I think those t-shirts are hysterical, I plan on making my hubster wear those as soon as we're old enough to make it funny!

Any who, back to this adorable couple! Besides the fact that we did their engagements at Disney Land, both of their parents had the sweetest things to say about their relationship- having literally watched them grow up together.

I hope they have lots and lots of babies together soon and I get to go take those pictures as well!( hint hint Caroline!)

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