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Hristina & Francisco. Spencer's Palm Springs Wedding.

Francisco and Hristina first came to me about their wedding with their quirky best friend and best man in their wedding with a perfect picture about what they wanted their wedding to be like. A Party! They had been dating since the 6th grade, and while some people may turn up their noses at something like that, these two are the perfect example of "when you know, you know". Not only could these two not be any more perfect for one another, but their families have known each other for so long, it truly was like one giant family celebrating them making it official. 

There is definitely an innocence to their relationship, but in so many ways I see it as a very pure and untainted love. ( that sounds like an 80's song!) Between how stunning the bride looked in her dress, and the groom wiping away tears as she walked down the isle, this wedding day was heart melting from beginning to end. The beautiful backdrop of Spencer's in Palm Springs didn't hurt either.

And to top off the uniqueness of their day, since Hristina's family had no male children anywhere in it, Francisco took her family name in order to keep it going and pass it down to another generation. I had to grab a tissue during Hristina's father's speech as he expressed his huge gratitude for what Francisco had done, and acknowledging how rare it was.

Palm Springs Spencers Restaurant Wedding Photos