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Ben & Denise. Wedding at The Odyssey.

So after absolutely falling in love with their love / engagement story, I had high hopes for Denise and Ben's wedding day. And man o man did it exceed any hopes I could have had! First of all, Denise's bridesmaids were and absolute RIOT! It was so so so much fun hanging out with them! 

First tear up moment was during a first look we had planned for Denise's mom. Denise was raised by a single mother, whom might I say did an amazing job!. We had her mom step out into the hallway while the girls helped her into her dress. We helped her mom back into the room with her eyes closed and the bridesmaids all counted to three while trying to hold back giggles of anticipation. 1,2,3.... the look on her mom's face was epic! there were lots of "awe's" and giggles, and some girls were upset they had to re do some of their makeup! 

There were plenty of other tear up moments throughout the day- but my next favorite was during dinner, when Ben had surprised Denise and everyone in attendance with a song. Ben had secretly learned how to play the ukulele the last few months and serenaded Denise with a rendition of "I wanna grow old with you" by Adam Sandler.  It was sweet, and nerdy, a little off key, but overall absolutely perfect..... What a moment to remember for the rest of their lives. My life too.... I'll never forget that! 

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