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To Honeymoon or not to Honeymoon?

If there is one thing I can look back at my own wedding and be grateful for, it’s that my husband and I left the very next day for our honeymoon.

After months and months of planning, and budgeting, and re planning, and re budgeting our wedding day, it was so beyond needed to get away with each other. We needed to relax, and take a breath, and enjoy the fact that all of that stress and craziness for months was totally worth it. 

For me, I was so grateful that all of that chaos was behind us and that we got to start our very first few days as husband and wife together on an island in the Bahamas.

If you are looking for somewhere to go on your honeymoon, I highly highly recommend Sandals Royal Bahamian in the Bahamas. The resort, the beaches, the people.... absolutely incredible. And if you are feeling adventurous, the shark diving is out of this world! ( yes, that photo is of me and my hubby!)

honeymoon shark diving

Even if all you do is turn your cell phones off, shut all the curtains in your house, and order chinese for a few days, I think taking a time out from the world to just be with each other and reflect on what you just did is important. Take some time to hit the pause button on life and just be present in that wonderful little love bubble you’ve created.