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Marica & Alicia Calamigos Ranch Malibu, CA

Oh! All the feels! Marcia and Alicia's wedding was beautiful and emotional from beginning to end! With a venue like Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, how could it not already be just breathtaking. But for me, it was the overwhelming love and support that surrounded these two ladies as they became wife and wife. 

Marcia and Alicia's wedding day was filled with friends and family from all over the united states. The fact that Marcia is originally from the midwest made me love her that much more right from the very start, and hearing her accent all day definitely made me homesick!

These two ladies share the most beautiful ( and hard core mama's girl ) baby girl, you will notice the photo below where mama had to wear her baby while she got her wedding makeup done!

From their highly anticipated first look, to their hilarious and original vows, their overly emotional toasts, and ending with one heck of a party, their wedding had it all. 

Marica and Alicia, I hope to hear from you when you renew your vows!

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