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My First Ever Personal Blog Post

Today my daughter came up with a brand new, I have no idea where she got it from, adorable beyond words thing.

And I just stood there in awe of how amazingly innocent, and precious, and beautiful she is. I felt the biggest smile engulf my face as she peered up at me and all I could do was lean down and wrap her up in my arms and squeeze her tight, breathing her in.

I know, as a parent, I’m not alone in having this moment with my kid.

People say that kids are awesome, but you really have no idea how incredible they are until you have some of your own. There’s nothing like it on earth.

People also say that time flies.

You’ve heard it a million times from your own parents or relatives older than you. But you have no concept on how fast time really goes until you have kids of your own. I feel like I found out I was pregnant yesterday, and now my daughter is walking around our house, talking up a storm, and sharing her opinion on things! what?!?!

I started my career as a wedding photographer in 2010 and have shot in total over 200 weddings. But only in the last few years have I started shooting families and children, as a result of having my own children and wanting to freeze so many moments in our lives just to remember them forever.

I have two children, and the verdict is still out on whether or not we are going to have one more. But only one more... I’m really tired! lol

 I have a two year old daughter named Michelle Grace, and a 5 month old tank of a son, named Ethan Michael. Both of which were in part named after my husband. Which at first I thought was really special and endearing, but as time goes on ( even though it was my idea ) I think it’s kind of narcissistic. Like George Foreman and his five kids all named some variation of George. I told my husband Michael, that if we do have a third and its a girl, I get to name her whatever I want... (C’mon baby Charlotte!)

But until anything else crazy that life throws my way happens, I am absolutely loving the fact that I get to pick up my camera and capture beautiful images to look back at this time and remember for the rest of my life.

Because as life races by us, between the sleepless nights with a baby, or the hectic days with kids... photos are going to be all you have to look back on these moments in our lives. 

I love my job so much that its become part of who I am.

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