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San Diego Mini Family Shoot

True Story, I actually Met Amy through Meetup. When I first moved down to the San Diego Area, I was trying to meet some new friends for me and my daughter. When your kids aren't school age and you don't have a job to "go in to", making friends can be a bit of a challenge.

Amy was so wonderfully warm and welcoming.... she has truly helped make my family's transition to a new city much easier for us and I am very grateful to her for that.

This photo shoot of her beautiful little family was such a kick! Scarlett is such a ball of joy and not camera shy in the least. This was a quick session and a walk around the property was filled with so many fantastic shots, I couldn't be happier with the pictures we got. My favorite part was when they both said "1,2,3..." and swung Scarlett in the air... I think Chris' face was more excited than Scarlett's! 

You have a gorgeous family! It has been a pleasure getting to know you :)

San Diego Family Photos
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