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Alex and Nick. A country style wedding.

Alex and Nick were long time partners, sharing a too adorable for words daughter, before they tied the knot. They recently moved to Texas and decided to use it as a theme for their country style wedding! The bridal party had been friends most of their lives, and so it was non stop laughs most of the day! 

This was the first time I had ever gotten choked up during a first look, since hearing the letters they wrote to each other beforehand were absolute tear jerkers. I'm still scratching my head and wondering why, with a love like that, it took them so long to get married! Alex, super happy for you that you have a husband who adores you like Nick does!

But my absolute favorite part of their wedding day was when their 3 year old daughter Faith jumped into her daddy's arms right before their "i do" kiss. Without even missing a beat, they both hugged her and kissed each other right over her head..... An audible "awe" gushed out of everyone in their seats!

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