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Abe and Doug. A San Francisco Love Affair.

Abe and Doug have got to be the perfect example of opposites attract! Doug is a quiet businessman, and Abe is a loud, ostentatious model. Very soon after the Gay Marriage Equality Act (FINALLY) passed, Doug proposed to Abe while they were vacationing in Europe. Shortly after a phone call was made to me! Abe, being a former model, had been following my wedding photos on instagram and told me he knew I was going to be their photographer as soon as they could make it official.... ( okay, seriously? that made my day.. heck, my month!) 

I was more than excited to make the drive up to San Francisco, the coast is so beautiful in the fall! When I arrived, their rustic woodland wedding was already gorgeous and I hadn't even seen either of the grooms! Doug is Scottish and Abe is Mexican, so seeing how they incorporated both a bagpipe and a mariachi so seamlessly was something I'm pretty sure I'll never see again. Too bad too... it was very festive! I am so happy to say that I was a part of their wedding day and seeing all of the love their friends and family showered them with.

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